Capcut Fonts

There are currently over 200 Capcut fonts in the Capcut app, including both free and premium fonts. The free Urdu fonts are a great option for those who are on a budget, while the premium free font offers a wider range of styles and features. No worries, you can download all Capcut unlock features. Download Capcut MOD APK latest version. Also you can download dodear App for stream the most recent episode of your favorite program before it airs on TV. If you are a fan of casino games and looking for an online app,Vblink777 Apk download is good option

If you’re a fonts lover and you want stylish and trending Capcut Fonts. So, you are at the right place we provide all Capcut fonts. You can download all Capcut fonts with just one click. If you are making aesthetic videos you can download all Cap cut Fonts. You can download Arabic fonts.

Furthermore, Fonts play a major role in engaging the users. If you are using the right fonts, font size, colors, and adjustments you can get more users and increase your audience. Many fonts are simple and easy to read like Rubik, Nunito, Didot, Serif, Poppins, Helvetica, Lato, Arabic fonts, Cool fonts, stylish fonts, Sinhala fonts, Capcut text fonts, Instagram fonts, Dafont lemon milk, fonts for edits, Coolvetica fonts, Wes Anderson fonts, and more. Download the trending Capcut templates.

Sindhi & Pashto Fonts are also Available

Most Popular Capcut Fonts

Here are the most popular all fonts on Capcut. In addition to the pre-loaded fonts, you can also import custom fonts into CapCut. This is a great way to add a personal touch to your videos. To import a custom font, you will need to download the font file and then add it to your CapCut library.

1: Feature

This font is used for specific projects but not at all times. The feature is the best font for content creators.

Feature Capcut Fonts

2: Nunito

Nunito is a simple and clean font for users. Many people used it in Websites, Applications, Branding, and printing. This is beautiful font and it is my personal experience. Here are some examples of Nunito Fonts. 1: Slack is using this font in Logo and Branding. 2: NETFLIX is used for titles and headers.


3: Facon

Facon fonts are used in a variety of projects, including Promotions and Posters, Graffiti, and video games.


4: Italic

Italic fonts are simple and easy to read font. There are many different types of fonts Italic, Italic bold, Italic narrow. These fonts are used in Logos, Titles and Headings, Book covers and Advertising.

italic fonts

5: Modern

Modern fonts are very stylish and Medium bold fonts. Many people use it in different projects and videos. This font is very sleek and fancy.

Modern Fonts

6: Serif

You can use a serif font that has good contrast between the thick and thin strokes. Avoid using too many serif fonts in the same project. This can make the text look cluttered and difficult to read.


7: Roboto

Roboto is a popular and versatile font that can be used for a variety of purposes Like Roboto thin, Roboto Condensed, Bold, and more. Roboto fonts are used in Gmail, Twitter, Spotify, and Chrome.


8: Aurora

Aurora fonts are used in different projects like Logo designs, Magazine Headers, Product Packaging, Branding projects, and Clothing. Aurora fonts are a versatile and stylish fonts that can be used in a variety of projects


9: Times New Roman

Times NR is the precious font that is mostly used in Newspapers, Web Pages, Business documents, and Graphic Designing. Some Common uses of Times New Roman are Letters, Wedding Invitations, Certificates, and more.

Times New Roman

10: Balloon

As you can see, balloon fonts can be used in various projects to create a fun, playful, and inviting atmosphere. If you’re looking for a font that will help you to capture the attention of your audience, a balloon font is a great option.


11: Diplomatic SC

The font’s clear legibility, classic appearance, and timeless style make it a good choice for a wide range of applications. Like United Nations uses Diplomatic SC fonts in its official documents.

Diplomatic SC

How to Import CapCut Fonts?

  • Download the font & extract. You can download fonts from a variety of websites, such as Google Fonts, DaFont, or Font Squirrel. Then extract the fonts. You can download it from our website.
Download De Fonts
  • Share the font file: Share the files to the Phonto application.
  • Install: Install all fonts that you download.
Install Fonts
  • Click on Image Icon: Open the Phonto app and click on the image icon, then click on Plain Images.
  • Choose Color: Click on the template option and choose a simple template and change the color to black then change the color to green.
Choose Colors
  • Select the font file. In the “Import Font” dialog, select the font file that you want to import.
  • Click on “Import.” Once you have selected the font file, click the “Import” button to import the font into CapCut.

Step 3: How to add or Import Capcut Fonts on PC?

Here are step-by-step guides on how to download or Import fonts on Capcut PC.

Download Fonts: First, download all the fonts from any website. You can download it from our website we provide safe and secure files.

Download Fonts

Open files folder: Open the files folders and extract the downloaded fonts.

Open Files

Install Fonts: Install all the fonts that you download. Make sure files may not contain virus.

Install Fonts

Open Capcut and Click on Text: After all, open Capcut on your PC and click on Add Text.

Capcut PC

Add text: Add text to your project and choose the fonts that you download. Place the text on your video or image and you can change the size and color of the text.

Add Text

Animations & Filters: You can add animations and filters. There are many animations like Zoom In, Zoom Out, Move In and Move Out, and more.

Alternate Websites for Aesthetics Capcut Fonts

Here are the top-notch websites that they are providing amazing fonts:

  • Google Fonts.
  • Da Fonts.
  • Font Squirrel.
  • Font Space.
  • My Fonts.


Yes, you can customize the size of the fonts in CapCut. When you select a font, you will also find options to adjust the size, making it smaller or larger according to your preference.

Yes, CapCut offers a selection of premium fonts that may require a purchase or subscription. These fonts often have unique and exclusive designs, giving your videos a distinctive look.

To access fonts in CapCut, open the app and go to the text editing feature. Once you have added text to your video, you can tap on the “Font” option to choose from a variety of available fonts.

Yes, CapCut offers a wide range of font styles. You can find classic, elegant, playful, bold, and many other styles to suit your video’s theme or mood.

Final Wording

Capcut Fonts are available in different styles and designs of text that you can use to make your videos look more interesting and attractive. You can easily access and choose from a variety of fonts within the app. Additionally, you have the flexibility to customize the size and color of the fonts to suit your preferences. While there are some premium Urdu fonts available, CapCut regularly updates its font library to provide you with new options.

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