Capcut Tutorial English and Urdu

CapCut is a free video editing app that is available on Android and iOS devices. It is a powerful tool that can be used to create professional looking videos with ease. In this tutorial, we will show you how to use CapCut to create a simple video. We will cover the basics to advance Capcut tutorial of adding media, editing clips, and exporting your video.

Capcut Tutorial

Capcut Tutorial TikTok

Step 1: Download and install CapCut.

  • Download Capcut from trusted Source or you can download from our website.
  • Search for “CapCut” and tap on the app.
  • Install the app and start editing.

Step 2: Open CapCut and Start a New Project

Open CapCut and Start a New Project
  • Once CapCut is installed, open the app.
  • Tap on the “+” button to start a new project.
  • Choose the aspect ratio you want for your TikTok videos, such as 1:1 for square videos or 9:16 for vertical videos.

Step 3: Import and Edit Video Clips

  • Open new project and add media which you want to add on TikTok.
Edit Video Clips Capcut Tutorial
  • Drag and drop the video clips onto the timeline at the bottom.
Capcut Editing tools
  • Trim the clips by tapping on them and dragging the edges to the desired length.
  • You can split the content and divide into parts. Click on scissors icon and cut the video.
  • Rearrange the clips by long pressing on a clip and moving it left or right on the timeline.

Step 4: Add Transitions and Effects

  • Tap on the Transition button at the bottom to add transitions between your video clips.
  • Choose a transition style from the options available and tap on it to apply it to the selected clips.
  • To add effects to your video, tap on the “Effect” button at the bottom.
  • Browse through the effects and tap on one to preview and apply it to the selected clips.

Step 5: Add Text and Stickers

  • Tap on the Text button at the bottom to add text to your video.
  • Choose a text style, enter your desired text, and customize the font, color, size, and position.
  • To add stickers, tap on the “Sticker” button at the bottom.
  • Browse through the sticker categories, select a sticker, and place it anywhere on the video.
 Text and Stickers

Step 6: Add Music and Sound Effects

  • Tap on the “Music” button at the bottom to add music to your TikTok video.
  • Select a song from your device or choose from the built-in music library.
  • Adjust the music volume by dragging the slider.
  • To add sound effects, tap on the “Sound” button and choose from the available options.
Music and Sound Effects

Step 7: Edit Video Speed and Filters

  • Tap on the “Speed” button at the bottom to adjust the speed of your video clips.
  • Choose from options like slow motion or fast motion and apply them to the selected clips.
  • Tap on the “Filter” button to apply filters to your video.
  • Browse through the filter options and tap on one to see how it affects your video.
Video Speed and Filters

Step 8: Export and Save Your TikTok Video

  • Once you’re satisfied with your video, tap on the checkmark icon at the top right.
  • Select the video quality and resolution you prefer.
  • Tap on the “Export” button to start the rendering process.
  • Wait for the video to finish rendering, and then tap on the “Save” button to save it to your device.

Step 9: Share Your TikTok Video

  • Open the TikTok app on your device.
  • Tap on the “+” button to create a new TikTok.
  • Import the video you created in CapCut from your device’s gallery.
  • Add any additional effects, filters, or captions within TikTok.
  • Write a catchy caption, add relevant hashtags, and tag any friends if desired.
  • Tap on the “Post” button to share your TikTok video with the world.

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