How to remove capcut template text from video

To eliminate the “CapCut Format” text from your video in the CapCut application, follow these basic advances. CapCut is a well known video altering application that permits you to alter recordings with different impacts and instruments. To eliminate the “CapCut Format” text, follow these means:

remove capcut template
  1. Open the CapCut App: Open the CapCut application on your gadget.
  2. Import the Video: Select the video you need to alter and bring it into the application.
  3. Add the Video to the Timeline: Drag the video into the altering timetable at the lower part of the screen.
  4. Select the Text Layer: Find the text layer that contains the “CapCut Format” text on the timetable. Normally, this text is overlaid on top of the video.
  5. Remove or Alter the Text: You have a couple of choices:
  • Eliminate the Text: Snap on the message layer and search for a choice to erase or eliminate the message.
  • Alter the Text: If you have any desire to supplant the text with something different, click on the text, and afterward alter it as you want.
  1. Save the Video: After you’ve taken out or altered the text, ensure your video is as you maintain that it should be, and afterward save it.
  2. Export the Video: Pick the choice to trade the video in the organization you like.

These means ought to assist you with eliminating the “CapCut Layout” text from your video. Ensure you knew all about how to utilize the CapCut application for video altering. Assuming you experience any hardships, you can likewise search for additional direction inside the application or check online instructional exercises that are more well defined for content editing in CapCut.

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