Where is velocity on Capcut?

Velocity on Capcut is a powerful tool in Capcut. You can create attractive videos with the help of Velocity. Video editing has become more accessible than ever before. Thanks to the advancements in technology and the availability of user-friendly editing software. Capcut is an application that offers powerful video editing tools to help you create stunning videos. One of the key features that can add a creative touch to your video is adjusting the velocity on Capcut. We will go through where you can find the velocity feature in Capcut and how to effectively use it for your videos.

What is Capcut?

Capcut is a popular video editing app developed by ByteDance. It provides users with a wide range of editing tools and features, allowing them to create professional videos directly from their smartphones. Capcut is available for Android and iOS devices, making it accessible to a large user base.

Finding Velocity in Capcut

To locate where the velocity on Capcut follow these steps, you can also find it on YouTube.

Opening Capcut

Launch the Capcut app on your mobile device. If you don’t have Capcut, you can download it from the App Store, Google Play Store, or our website CapCutmodi.

Importing your video

When you open the app, tap the “+” button to import the video clip you want to edit. Capcut provides a wide range of videos, and high quality with various sources.

Adding effects

After importing your video, you can enhance it further by adding effects, filters, text, and other creative elements. Capcut offers the option to customize your video according to your need.

Adjusting velocity

To adjust the velocity of your video, locate the velocity option in the Capcut toolbar. An icon is just like a speedometer. Tap on the velocity option to access the velocity adjustment settings.

Exporting your video

Once you have adjusted the velocity as per need, it’s time to export the final video. Capcut allows you to choose the output format, resolution, and quality before saving the video or sharing it directly on social media platforms.

Adjusting Velocity in Capcut

Now that you have found the velocity feature in Capcut, you can adjust the speed of your video clips. Capcut provides different options to modify the velocity, giving you the flexibility to achieve your effect. Here’s how you can adjust the Velocity on Capcut:

  • Changing the speed of a video clip: Drag the velocity slider or enter a specific speed value to increase or decrease the clip’s speed. Moving the slider to the right accelerates the clip while moving it to the left slows it down.
  • Using Velocity presets: Capcut offers pre-defined Velocity presets that instantly apply the same speed adjustments to your video clips. These preset to save time and it makes it easier to find the trending effects such as slow motion or time lapse.

Enhancing Videos with Velocity in Capcut

Velocity is not limited to single video clips but can also be used to enhance the overall visual experience of your videos. Consider the following steps for velocity on Capcut:

  1. Matching video clips with different Velocities: Capcut enables you to transition between video clips and speed. These steps can create dynamic and engaging visual sequences by creating slow motion and real time video.
  2. Transitioning between other Velocities: Smooth transitions between different Velocities can add a professional touch to your videos. Capcut offers a range of transition effects that allow you to create visual effects between users.

Advance Velocity Steps

The Capcut on Velocity feature goes through simple speed adjustments. You can explore advanced techniques and add advanced effects to your videos. Here are some steps you can do to experiment.

  1. Creating slow-motion effects: By reducing the velocity of a video clip, you can get smooth slow-motion sequences that highlight sub-title details and add a sense of elegance to your videos.
  2. Implementing time lapse effects: Increasing the velocity of a clip produces time-lapse, Merging long durations into shorter, visually stunning sequences. These steps are particularly effective for capturing natural phenomena, construction processes, or sunsets.
  3. Customizing speed ramps: Capcut allows you to create speed ramps, which gradually increase or decrease the velocity of a video clip. It can be used to add dramatic impact to specific scenes or create smooth transitions between different Velocities. Get how to use Capcut Green Screen.


Can I adjust the velocity of specific sections of a video?

Yes, Capcut allows you to adjust the velocity of specific sections within a video clip, giving you precise control over the speed changes.

Can I reverse the velocity of a video clip?

Yes, Capcut provides the option to reverse the velocity of a video clip, enabling you to create intriguing visual effects.

How can velocity on Capcut be used creatively in video editing?

Velocity can be used creatively to evoke specific emotions, highlight details, create dynamic transitions, and add a unique touch to your video projects

Final Wording

In the end, Velocity is a powerful tool in Capcut that empowers video editors to explore their creativity and enhance the visual appeal of their videos. By adjusting the speed of video clips, you can create captivating slow motion sequences, dynamic time lapses, and smooth transitions. CapCut’s user friendly interface and versatile velocity on Capcut feature make it accessible for beginners and experienced editors, allowing everyone to add a touch of magic to their videos.

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